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Gaurav Singh (SP)

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8669604100 / 8669604023



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02525 252100

From the Desk of

Superintendent of Police Palghar, Maharashtra.

Dear Citizens,
It’s a great honor for me to be entrusted with responsibilities of Superintendent of Police, Palghar.

There was a time when people expected nothing but oppression from the public authorities. Later they expected chiefly to be let alone. Now however, they expect a wide variety of services and protection.

We are already in the era of “Service Oriented Policing”.

Palghar Police is committed towards the mission of “Service Oriented Policing” by providing better and transparent citizen services through collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). In pursuit of this mission, we believe in providing quality service with the highest possible degree of excellence, based upon the principles of fairness, integrity honesty, and respect for human dignity.

Entire team of Palghar Police shall ensure the Rule of Law, enforce the law of the land impartially and firmly without fear or favor, and strive to create a fear free environment that is conducive to growth and development.

We will serve and protect all; particularly the downtrodden, the weak, women, children, minorities senior citizen’s, slums dwellers, the poor and other marginalized sections of society. We shall give prompt and compassionate response to every call of citizen’s in distress.

We will keep our personal integrity high, work as a team to make the force corruption-free, bring in transparency in our functioning, strive continuously to raise the professional skills and work for the welfare of our force.

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The main purpose of this website is to provide an online platform for interaction with citizen. This website will help you know us better and also help us improve from your feedback.

In order to deal with every crime that happens in our society, police action is necessary, but it’s not sufficient. Role of citizen is extremely important in dealing with day to day crime.

It’s our responsibility as a citizen to report any crime or incident that needs attention of police.

Please help us with information, action will certainly.

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